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Get Off My Lawn

We were at IndieCade 2023 & Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2024. Check pictures here


Water Hose:

  • This feature is developed using two basic steps.​

    1.  Predicting the projectile path​

    2. Adding a preview mesh at every predicted point.

  1. Prediction of projectile path:

  • ​The "Make PredictProjectilePathParams" takes a few inputs like 'Start Location' and 'Launch Velocity'. For this project's purpose, the start location was the muzzle of the water hose.​

  • The Launch Velocity of the projectile had a base velocity multiplied by a 'Pressure Multiplier' which was based on the input value when the trigger of the water hose is  fired.

   2. Adding preview meshes at every predicted path:​​​

Score System:

  • Values that determined total score

    • Overall Lawn State​

    • Number of kids shoved off the lawn

    • Base score

  • Base score is a sum of random numbers between 1-5 generated each time the player hits a kid.

  • Number of kids shoved off is very self-explanatory

  • Overall Lawn State is an average of the health of every lawn section (9 in our case). 

    • Three lawn states: Pristine, Damaged, Destroyed​

    • Pristine: Base Score * 10

    • Damaged: Base Score * 5

    • Destroyed: Base Score * 2

  • The math behind 'Total Score' is very simple:

    • Total Score = (Base Score * Lawn State)​ + (Kids shoved * 10)


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