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  • Snake like elongation mechanic

  • Randomized food spawner

  • Score, high-score and score multiplier system

  • Snake Like Elongation Mechanic

    • The data structure I have used for this mechanic is a 'List'​

    • I named each part of the snake's tail as a 'segment'.

    • Grow() function handles the snake elongation.

  • Randomized food spawner

    • This is a very tricky mechanic because I had to make sure that the food does not spawn out of the map, inside the dens and even had to check no two food items are spawned on the snake's tail. 

    • To handle this, I placed different collider sections on the map and used their bounds to spawn food items. 

  • Score system

    • Score is calculated simple by adding the number of food items the player eats.

    • The score multiplier system is another randomized mechanic which spawns multipliers in different dens.

    • The multipliers are spawned with respect to how difficult it is for the player to drop the sheep the den and come out of it without getting caught.

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