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Shudder Speed


  • In-Game Camera

    • Created a functioning camera with the help of Unity VR Challenges tutorial. (Link)

    • The camera can zoom in or out with the help of the joystick on the right hand XR controller along the Y-axis.

    • For the camera zoom feature, the parent gameobject “InGameCamera” has a camera component “ViewFinder” with a “DollyZoom” script attached to it, and the zoom works simply by changing the local position of gameobject along the Z-axis.

    • The maximum and minimum values for zoom feature are clamped between the range of 1 to 50.

  • High-Shutter Speed:

    • The gameobject “InGameCamera” has another child gameobject “RayCastManager” which manages all the physics raycast. This is an empty gameobject positioned near the camera lens with a “CamRayCast” script attached to it.

    • High shutter speed is applicable only to the “Fan” and “Wall” gameobjects in the game.

    • Every frame the function “RayCast” is called and it checks whether a “Fan” or “Wall” is visible and sets the Boolean related to it accordingly. Also, the data of gameobject to which the raycast has been hit is stored.

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