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Silent Creed

Phase 1:

  • Basic locomotion 

  • Crouching and sprinting abilities

  • Vaulting over mechanic

  • Animation blueprints for above

  • XP and overall level system

Phase 2:

  • Weapon System

  • Weapon Inventory

  • UI for inventory

Phase 3:

  • Civilian AI

  • Enemy AI

Civilian/Enemy AI:

Stealth Kill Mechanic using Motion Warping:

  • Implemented a blueprint interface (BPI). This assassination interface returns the location of the Assasin’s Ref attached to the Enemy and the rotation of the enemy.

  • Whenever the player hits E, it checks whether the overlapping actors implement this assassination interface. If it does, the overlapping actor acts as an input to the interface function and returns the location of the assassin ref and its OWN rotation.

  • This location and rotation then act as an input to the Add or Update Warp Target. 

  • Basically, the montage which is played for the Assasin does not play at a random location but near the enemy where it is actually required.


Inventory System:

Components used:​​

  • Blueprint Component "Equipment System"​

  • Data Table "DB_Armory"

  • Structure "S_Armory"

  • Structure "S_Slots"

How is DB_Armory and S_Armory relevant to each other?

  • Whenever you create a data table, it asks for a row structure it should refer to. In our case, this row structure is S_Armory

But how does S_Slots know about DB_Armory?

  • The structure S_Slots has a Data Table Row Handle variable whose default value can be set to any Data Table and its Row Name in the project. In our case that Data Table is DB_Armory.

System Loop:

  • Player interacts with the weapon to pick it up

  • BPC has variable “Inventory” which is an array of S_Slots

  • It also has a function called “Add Weapon”  that takes itemData input ​and adds the item/weapon to the Inventory

Vaulting System:​

  • Components used:

  • Sphere traces using for loops​

  • Motion Warping

First For Loop

Second For Loop

Third For Loop

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