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Unreal Projects

Demo Reel

Urban Nightmare (Steam Page)

Gameplay Engineer [Team Size: 12]

Urban Nightmare is a first-person parkour game where the player has to escape a carnivorous city.

Tech Stack: Unreal Engine, C++, Nintendo SDK


  • Led the development for Switch, achieving 25% increase in frame rate through code & asset optimizations

  • Tools development aiding designers on the team.

  • Gameplay interaction, Quick Time Event System, Checkpoint System

Get off My Lawn

Solo Developer

Get off My Lawn is a first-person tower defense where the player has to protect their lawn from mischievous kids by spraying them off the lawn using a water hose.

Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 5, C++


  • First-person water spraying mechanic

  • Score system & related tools for game balance purposes

  • UI Engineering using UMG Tools 

Silent Creed

Gameplay Engineer [Team Size: 12]

A third-person Assasins Creed like RPG prototype.

Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 5, C++


  • Character locomotion system, advanced movement mechanics - Vaulting, Crouching

  • Weapon mechanics, inventory system, stealth kill mechanic, a basic combat & player progression system

  • Player/Enemy health systems 

  • Enemy AI & UI engineering for above systems

Trouble in Paradise

Solo developer

A third-person action-adventure where you fight enemies, whilst collecting coins to save the kingdom

Tech Stack: Unreal Engine 4, C++


  • Movement mechanics

  • Enemy AI - Two types

  • Weapon mechanics, equipments like landmines, Combat system

  • Player/Enemy health & stamina system

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